So why should you become a supplier?

Most importantly, as a cost saving. As we clear most of your waste products, you not only make savings on skip/clearance fees, but also there are the associated landfill tax levied to you (although this may be included in the cost of your skip etc). On top of this there is the hidden cost of the space that these items take up in your warehouse/storage areas. We have saved one supplier thousands of pounds in 4 months. Also, as we collect, the only cost that you have associated with the disposal, is the time your employees spend getting the items ready for us to collect.

Currently we are collecting in excess of 30 tonnes a week.

Additionally, there are the Environmental impact issues that most companies strive to improve on. By working with us, you are able to advertise the fact that you are working with an Environmental Charity to reduce your Environmental Impact. This can be communicated to the public, shareholders, suppliers and customers. This can also aid or form part of any corporate environmental policy.

Finally, by working with ourselves there is the feel good factor for the company and it’s employees, board members and shareholders that you are doing your bit, in not only helping charities, 1000’s of children, special needs groups, those groups helping the elderly and infirm, schools, hospitals etc. but also that you are actively helping to reduce waste and the burden on landfill sites in the most cost effective/saving way.

If your company wishes to help in this useful way then please contact the trustees (see Contact Us page for details). Similarly, if you have a contact in any company that may be able to supply suitable items, then please let us know.

During our first 5 years of operating, we have been very fortunate to have many suppliers help us provide superb resources for our ever increasing membership.

The quality and quantity of the resources available never fails to amaze new and existing members.

The trustees thank all of our suppliers for their continuing support.

Phoenix Resource Centre is an Environmental Charity No 1133503 registered with the Charity Commission